Aldi Bringing Curbside Pickup to Nearly 600 Stores

Aldi USA

Aldi is expanding its curbside pickup service to nearly 600 stores by the end of July.


First piloted in a select locations, the option was quickly embraced by its customers, said Jason Hart, Aldi CEO, who noted that demand for the service is increasing.


"We are always looking for ways to make the Aldi shopping experience even more convenient and accessible for everyone,” he said. “Whether shopping in-store, or online for delivery or pickup, we'll continue to be here to safely serve our customers."


Customers can access all of the grocer’s products on Aldi’s website and designate curbside pickup when they checkout. The retailer has marked parking spots at participating locations, and employees will load the groceries into the customer’s car.


Aldi, which operates nearly 2,000 locations in 36 states, also offers home delivery in select areas through a partnership with Instacart.


Nationwide stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic have forced many retailers to quickly pivot their fulfillment options and store operations. The Michaels Companies, for example, was able to execute its curbside pickup service in less than a week, bringing same-day delivery to consumers just a few short weeks later.


Grocers, meanwhile, have been forced to uncover their own innovative ways to continue serving their customers while keeping their employees safe during a health crisis. This has often translated to them to expediting tech adoption to align with previously unthinkable timelines.


For example, in RIS’ recent Grocery Tech Virtual Roundtable, industry members discussed the unprecedented pace of retail tech adoption during the pandemic, revealing that digital adoption growth rates have spiked from a once-impressive 5% all the way up to 150% within a few weeks.



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